Bens Bus Ben Bus supports me with sponsorship so for all your transfers from Grenoble to L2A give them a shout.

Elan Skis UK sponsor me for all of my freestyle ski equipment, so look out for me on my new ELAN freestyle skis.

Smithys Tavern, Les Deux Alpes – I’m really grateful to Alex at Smithy’s Tavern for his support and all the support I get from everyone there.

Waterbird Parakites, If you want to be the best then be sponsored by the best … The best parasails in the world…

Polytan Sports Surfaces, suppliers of the matting for my Back Yard Jib

Rubix Kangaroo, absolutley stoked to be taken on as a team rider for Rubix Kangaroo, check out their website for some awesome gear

Virtika Outwear ,although not yet one of their official sponsored riders was so pleased when Virtika offered me huge discount on my outerwear they also threw in lots of free T shirts / beannies etc.