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Harry, me and Richie

Richard, Harry and I joined the rest of the England Schools Ski Squad at Gatwick at 6 am on 12th March. We had to get to Gatwick early to meet up with the squad, coaches and teachers . We were all given our official ESSKIA squad clothing so we all looked the same at the airport so that no-one could be left behind! The squad was made up of 29 skiers, 10 girls and 19 boys, and we came from different schools around the country. We had already met once before when we had a training weekend at the snow centre in Hemel Hempstead.

It was amazing how much gear we had, there were huge wheelie ski bags everywhere, mine was so heavy I could hardly pull it. We flew in to Innsbruck and then had a transfer of 2 hours to the hotel, we unpacked all our bags and then had a team talk where the coaches and teachers told us what was in store for the week ahead, we then managed to get to bed early. The squad was put into different groups and we stayed in these groups all week for skiing and fitness. Our normal routine was up at 7 am and then 15 mins fitness with our coaches. We had to run in the snow and do stretches then it was back for breakfast. After breakfast we left to go skiing and it was race training all morning, sometimes we did GS (giant slalom) and other times just slalom training.My coach was called Heidi, she was English but lived in Austria. We had lunch and then carried on training for the afternoon, the weather was really good, lots of sun but quite windy and we had some awesome powder days. We all skied really hard all day and then we had to do another 15 mins of fitness at the end of the day. Dinner was usually a very noisy time of the day, we also did video analysis and the coaches talked to us in our groups about our skiing.

There was a big build-up to the last day because we all knew that we were doing timed runs, we were all quite nervous as this is what we had been training for. There was some really good skiing and the coaches were pleased with us all.

We had a presentation on the last night. I was placed 1st in my age group in Giant Slalom, 3rd in my age group in Slalom, 2nd in the older age group in Giant Slalom and 3rd overall boys.

It was really sad to leave Austria and all the new friends we had made, it was a great experience and I hope we get chance to do it again.

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  1. Fantastic results Sam – you and your buddies must be stoked!!!

  2. Thanks. See you on Wednesday say hi to Madi, Mike and lexi.

    P.S. Johnny Fry is out in the village Mike should know him.

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